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Those who love a challenge


Those who prefer a personalised experience


Those who want to learn the 'why' as well as the 'how'.


Those who need results.

Those who want to succeed.

Let's begin.

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Holly Cockle

“Meg has completely changed my outlook on exercise.


I used to go to the gym and never have the motivation to do anything substantial that would even made a difference, but Meg has pushed me to lengths and abilities that I wouldn’t have seen if I was in the gym on my own, or with anyone else for that matter." 

- Holly C


Hello! Welcome. I'll personally help you get into the best shape of your life.

I'm an accredited Personal Trainer, Online and Nutrition Coach - one who knows all about fitting better health, fitness and nutrition in amongst the realities of everyday life. 


I'm fortunate to have 1000+ coaching hours under my belt.  Fitness and sports have, and always will be, a huge passion of mine!  Away from coaching, I love to travel - and have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world.  One day I'll sail away on my boat exploring - but, for now, it's all about coaching and helping people make incredible changes!

I appreciate how hard it is hard to begin and stick with something - even when it's as obviously beneficial as health, fitness and nutrition.  Often, it's pretty daunting and seems so complex!  On the other hand, you might already be pretty experienced, but lacking direction with your training or nutrition, and feel you need to level up.


I'm here to help untangle all that and lead you on your journey - step by step.

I offer a specific range of services and use a variety of modern methods, backed up with ongoing support to get you exactly where you want to be. 


I'll listen carefully to what you need, then craft a solution that matches you perfectly. No more generic 'cookie-cutter' plans that leave you wondering why you're not getting results that stick!  As a coach, I pride myself on getting to know my clients

and then getting the best out of them.  I ensure they're supported

and cared for, and have their needs fully understood and built

into their programmes.  You'll see short testimonials dotted

throughout this site: I'm so proud of how my clients feel

about the service I offer.  We're one team!


I'm a growth-based coach.  I'll spend time to make sure

you learn the correct methods and gain the appropriate

knowledge, so you'll not necessarily need coaching

in the long-term.  

I want you to succeed beyond quick-fixes.

So whether your preference is one-to-one

coaching, or being given a fitness or

nutrition plan for you to follow

independently - Fit Squad has

your back.

Complete one of the quick application links 

and I'll be in touch very soon!

- Meg.

Meg Patel

"When I first started my sessions with Meg, I had no idea what I was in for.  I knew I needed to make a change in my lifestyle if I wanted to achieve some of the goals that I'd set for myself after a few years of over indulgence.  


Meg rose to the occasion and smashed all my expectations to pieces.  Thank you for a truly amazing journey and a great learning experience!" 

- Daniel K

Daniel Kirby

THE                    STORY SERIES

A curated series, highlighting common health/fitness themes...and offering a reality check.

Easy to understand.  All evidence based.  No BS.  60 seconds each.

Ellie MacDougall

"An important factor for me has been how much fun I have when working with Meg!


One of my major challenges at the gym is being able to keep focused. Meg's positive attitude and bubbly personality has made this much easier, ensuring that I stay on track with my training."

- Ellie M

"I know a lot of Personal Trainers and Meg stood out immediately.  Feeling comfortable working alongside your PT is probably the most important thing, and Meg does more than this by putting his clients first. 


His sessions are fantastic, varied, and most importantly fun.  Personally my biggest goal is weight loss, and have lost over a stone already in a short amount of time!"

- Jack N

Jack Naish



30 MIN
















Tailored fitness plans + nutrition coaching.

Delivered worldwide.

Sam Houghton Online Coaching
Mark Attfield Personal Training



One-to-one coaching.


Serving Southampton.


Premium branded Fit Squad Men's tees.


Women's range to follow Spring 2019.

Nathan Briggs Robert Chukwuma Ezigbo Meg Patel Apparel
Kat Selfe Private Coaching



Bespoke PT at your home or local area.


Serving Hampshire + Dorset.


Let's see how Fit Squad can help you.  Swing me a few details + I'll be in touch!

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