All exercises tutorials are 60 seconds max, with most including 'Simplifiers' and 'Level-Ups' to cater to all ability levels.

We've also included subtitles on most videos, meaning you needn't stop your music, mid-workout!

T  H  E    F  I  T    L  I  F  E  

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20 weeks of purpose. All from your favourite device.


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Make huge progress, under pro guidance

✔︎ Professionally scheduled workouts & recovery to help you train enjoyably
✔︎ 200+ guided, easy to follow exercise demos, with subtitles to help you perfect your form & train safely
✔︎ Simplify or level-up any exercise to suit your ability level, whether you're a novice or advanced
✔︎ Flexible locations: train at the gym, at home, or on the road - you're in control each week*
✔︎ Go beyond simple workouts, with optional mobility, posture & active recovery work
* Resistance band required for home/travel workouts


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Fuel effectively, socially & enjoyably

✔︎ Real-world nutritional targets - keeping you energised, alert & able to maintain your progress
✔︎ Precise calories & macro targets (or use our hand portion system guidelines if you don't like tracking)
✔︎ Ease nutritional anxiety with our Meal Planner tool & shopping guidance 
✔︎ Full access to the 35 category library of Fit Recipes - including meals, snacks & treats*
✔︎ 'Flexible dieting' - improving your relationship with food. No foods/drinks are banned
* Includes gluten free, low FODMAP, seafood, vegan & vegetarian recipes



Practical self care

✔︎ Elevate each day with Morning Mindset prompts
✔︎ Self Care Toolbox, with options based on your daily energy
✔︎ Scheduled dopamine detox days to restore balance
✔︎ Find calm & peace each day with journaling and self reflection tools
✔︎ Parasympathetic Activities Toolbox - activating the restful nervous system



Achieve your personal & professional goals

✔︎ Sleep volume & sleep quality targets to aid mental clarity, productivity & energy
✔︎ Embrace a mentally & physically active lifestyle - with regular sunlight & rewarding social interactions
✔︎ Reduce decision fatigue through our proven methods, to lower stress levels 
✔︎ A Time Planner tool (plus advanced skills) so you can manage your time like a pro
✔︎ Make your physical & digital environments work optimally for you

Meet Meg Patel

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I'm a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, who has helped hundreds of people on a 1:1 basis, in-person & online in a career spanning almost a decade.

I've distilled all my expertise into The Fit Life Plan - 20 weeks of learning, good vibes and progress. I know what works for the majority of people, having worked in 'big box' gyms for years, with a huge cross-section of society. I know that better fitness, nutrition, lifestyle & mindsets aren't mutually exclusive: they're interlinked more than most realise.

The Fit Life Plan puts this all together for you, in a thoughtfully paced way - leaving you feeling constantly accomplished, stronger & happier!

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✔︎ Paced sustainably & enjoyably
✔︎ Build strong foundational habits
✔︎ Stay on track & build momentum


Billed price £119





✔︎ Choose one of 3 pathways*
✔︎ Enhanced training protocols
✔︎ Accelerate your progress


Billed price £139

*Choose from (1) body fat reduction, (2) lean muscle gain, or (3) health & vitality



✔︎ An intense Phase, to push limits
✔︎ Establish rewarding lifelong habits
✔︎ Realise your true potential


Billed price £99

You move from one Phase to the next, starting with Phase One. This segmented approach makes it as manageable, affordable and real-world as possible. Your results will be better and more sustainable, too. With deload/taper weeks factored into each Phase, you can seamlessly move onto each Phase with no interruptions or performance dips. If you need to take a break between Phases, this is fine too. Simply resume within 4 weeks to stay active on The Plan. Prices are in GBP. International transactions will be subject to variable exchange rate conversions at the time of purchase.

Peek inside The Plan

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Bonus features

✔︎ 15 exclusive Spotify playlists to soundtrack your training & recovery
✔︎ Beautiful metrics, enabling you to understand your progress, visually
✔︎ The digital Fit Life Community, to support you at every step
✔︎ Privately store progress photos & measurements
✔︎ x2 coach phone calls per Phase, keeping you on track
✔︎ A wealth of resources to support your aspirations