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Imagine taking the guesswork out of eating + exercising.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're doing the right things to get significant results.


Justifying the effort you're putting in.

Imagine that you'll be setting yourself up for the long-term, getting stronger physically + mentally.

Imagine exceeding the results you visualise.

Let's begin.

"Working with Meg is a pleasure.  He has a very energetic, positive approach and encourages me on every step of my journey.  

I would recommend this to anyone who aspires to reach new goals, targets or increase their knowledge.  Meg makes it fun, personable and achievable! 


Thank you Meg.”

- Flora T

Flora Trapatseli

What Online Coaching is, in under 60 seconds:

Online Coaching is pretty new to a lot of people, but it's a brilliant way

to manage your fitness and nutrition - on your own terms. 

It does this by delivering fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plans direct to your

device - backed up by expert coaching and support at every step.

Designed for busy bees.

You have enough on your plate already. Leave the details to me...and breathe easy.  The only thing you need to choose is when and where you access your plan - and complete it at times that suit your schedule.  It's ideal for those who lead busy lives, yet are time organised.  It's designed for real-life.

A fully supported experience.

You are front and centre.  Whether you opt for fitness or nutrition coaching (or both), you'll be supported throughout.  Whatever hurdles you face, I'll help you overcome them by modifying your plan or offering new solutions.  It's a journey, and I'm in your corner - no matter what life throws at you.

A 'no boundaries' experience.

Best-in-class coaching and direction, no matter where you're located.  Whether you travel for work, or simply prefer your own environment, Online Coaching is truly flexible and geographically independent . With content delivered directly to your device, you'll be able to pick up your plan wherever you are.

Great for consistent coaching.

A close coach-client relationship can greatly aid your continued success and motivation.  To get in shape, you'll need consistency and direction - that's where I come in.  With regular, expert coaching, you avoid overwhelm: focusing consistently on the small practices that lead to big results.

A way to stay accountable.

Built into all online coaching programmes are realistic checkpoints that mean you're fully accountable for your progress - without it taking over your life.  I'm there in the background, providing you with ongoing support and encouragement every step of the way.

Cheaper than 'in-person' coaching

Expert Fit Squad coaching at less than half the price of in-person Personal Training.  And it works.  Why?  Because I am truly committed to helping you get into the shape you want - no matter if we're face-to-face, or chatting on the phone.

Josh Chaplin

"I've always hit a block implementing a healthy routine around my work and social life, however Meg's mentoring made me extremely proud of the changes I was able to achieve.


Much of what he highlighted was eye-opening for me.


I particularly appreciated the attention he paid to personalising my experience, and ultimately produce the results I was looking for!"

- Josh C

Online Coaching is perfect for those...

Who are tired of 'quick-fix' plans and are willing to commit to getting in shape sustainably.

Who prefer being in control of their schedule.

Who want ongoing expert direction and accountability.

Who need locational flexibility, or who might not live or work near their coach.

Who are self-motivated to adhere to their plan each week.

Who have a phone, tablet, laptop or computer, and are comfortable interacting online.

Who enjoy (or need) the regular support of a coach who cares.

Who want to get better long-term results than they're currently getting.

Choose your focus.

Fitness.  Nutrition.  Or both.

Online Fitness

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Online Nutrition

All Inclusive

All Online Coaching programmes are 12 months in duration.  Why 12 months?  Well, over this time, we'll be looking to build habits to promote greater confidence, competence and long-term sustainability.  It's a change arc that is proven, and culminates with some amazing experiences towards the end.

Level up your fitness.

How Online Fitness works.

Online Fitness is a game changer.


Powered by ProCoach, you'll receive a set number of workouts per week that suit your goals and your lifestyle - and get you the results you're looking for.

Whether you want to add muscle, lose fat, recover from an injury or simply want to get active, I can help you - even if you have movement restrictions.


In addition, I'll be on hand to guide and support you throughout, giving you every chance to make some truly incredible changes!

The workouts you receive are smart.  Not only will they be personalised to you, you'll be able to specify whether you'd like to complete them at the gym, at home or elsewhere.

Short on time that day?  That's cool - the workout will adapt.  Not liking a particular exercise?  Just swap it for another.

It's the most flexible way to maintain an exercise programme, whilst achieving results you didn't think were even possible.

Meg Patel

Meg, Coach

Online Fitness

"Meg is the perfect balance of professionalism and fun, and has a genuine interest in my fitness and well-being.


I look and feel the best I have for a decade. Thank you very much for your support!"

- Andreea L

The Online Fitness toolkit.

All yours from only £150 per month.

Varied workouts.

You'll be working to a specific, personalised plan - with a new set of progressive and enjoyable workouts sent directly to you each week.  These are customised based on your experience level.

All exercises have video demos and written instructions, so you'll be performing them safely and with perfect technique.

Coach check-ins.

We'll have weekly check-ins, at a time to suit you - either by phone or video call to make sure you're staying on track, fully supported and totally motivated!

We'll discuss your progress and any obstacles you may be facing, together with solutions - leaving you ready to proceed, full of positivity.

Alberto Lopez Mayo

Your own squad.

Members-only access to the private Fit Squad community group on Facebook. 


Support, inspire, trade ideas and motivate each other along your respective journeys.  You needn't walk your path alone.  In addition, get first look at exclusive content and special member-only offers and discounts - including apparel.