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Master every area

Are you an entrepreneur, business leader or rock-star high performer hungry to maximise your personal health and performance?

I've been there (and succeeded).

I'll mentor you.

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"Smashed all my expectations to pieces. A truly amazing journey and a great learning experience!"

Daniel K, Award Winning DJ

Master every area.

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"Hi, I'm Meg - the founder of The Fit Life.

With years of experience in various industries, I learnt first-hand how coaching can make a significant difference in ones personal and professional growth. It inspired me to begin coaching myself over 9 years ago.

Fast forward to today and The Fit Life Mentorship is the gold standard for entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers, business leaders & rock-star high performers. Why? Because I've been all of those myself and been able to leverage personal growth into professional success. 

I know what it takes. The specific personal actions that deliver the highest professional ROI - and with incredible health benefits along the way.

Imagine thriving in all areas. Literally firing on all cylinders when it comes to your lifestyle, fitness, nutrition and mindset.

You'd be unstoppable.

Your health at it's peak, your career at new heights, your relationships flourishing...

It's not a dream. It's within your reach.

When you prioritise the right things & stop wasting time on the wrong things, so much falls into place. Your creativity & ideation soars, your business performance improves and you stand out in a crowded market.

Choose to flourish and to live up to your potential.

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Does this sound like you?


You're highly ambitious

but lacking the balance that'll support your vision of success.


You're deeply invested in what you do

but concerned the trade off is your long-term health.


You really do want it all

massive professional success & to achieve all your personal aspirations.


You don't want to stand still

you're in a hurry to accelerate towards the goals you've set yourself.


Your free time is scarce

and you could benefit from outsourcing key decision making.


Your potential is sky high

and you're eager to not lose your opportunity to maximise it.


You're ready, you're willing and you're able

and with the right support you know you're capable.

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Steps to start


Book your free Strategy Call

Tap any button on this page and book your call into our calendars. You'll be emailed a link to a form you must complete at least 24 hours before we speak.


Our Strategy Call takes place

Either via phone call or Zoom for up to 25 mins, mapping out a personalised strategy. I'll answer any questions you have and outline the package I recommend for you.

If we're both in agreement, I send over the paperwork, you'll make your first payment and you'll be on board with instant access to a wealth of resources!


Your Mentorship programme starts

Your Mentorship kicks off on our mutually agreed start date, following some brief onboarding tasks to set you up perfectly on my systems.



What is the Mentorship?

Primarily a way of outsourcing decision making and accountability for your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset over to me - someone with 9+ years experience helping hundreds of people, who has walked your path and successfully leveraged optimal personal health into high professional performance. It is a 'holistic' programme, meaning we tackle many areas at once, in a structured way designed to make the highest impact for you. With no time leaks or wasted effort, my high-performance Mentorship will help you maximise your personal health & professional performance in a matter of months.

It isn't a quick-fix/sprint programme aimed primarily at how you look. Sure, if you have an aesthetic goal (and many of my clients certainly do), we can 100% weave it into your overall programme, but it won't be the primary success metric here on The Fit Life Mentorship. We'll take a more rounded view and look to progress you in a range of high-return areas.


Who is the Mentorship for?

The Mentorship is for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business leaders (C/D suite), executives and top workplace performers - or those who aspire to be. The entire programme is geared towards helping you become the best of the best: maximising your potential and personal health over a specific time period. As a high performer, you have specific barriers that are blunting your potential and impacting your health. The Fit Life Mentorship tackles these in a structured way that's proven to work.


What can I expect from the free Strategy Call?

Strategy Calls last 25 minutes and are a focused conversation about you. What you’re aiming for, what you’re facing, your lifestyle, what’s difficult right now - and we roadmap a 'top line' strategy to get you out of your current situation, into a healthier, higher performing one. Prior to our call, you'll be sent a short form to complete online, which makes the call efficient. Strategy Calls are currently free of charge.


When can I start & how much does it cost?

The Mentorship is my premium online service, so I cap the number of clients I have at any one time, so I'm able to give you the best attention. In theory you can start anytime, but this will depend on my client book at that time. We discuss your preferred start date in the Strategy Call and I always look to get people up and running asap.

There are three Mentorship durations, each with a 0% monthly payment plan to help spread costs:

- 6 month container: £2599 PIF (Payment In Full) or £433 monthly (0%)
- 12 month container: £4499 PIF or £374 monthly (0%)
- 24 month container: £7499 PIF or £312 monthly (0%)

I make my duration recommendation to you, based on your goals and starting point, on your Strategy Call - with the final decision made by you. If you choose to stay with me for longer than 24 months (as some have), your fees are frozen.


What's special about The Mentorship?

Three things: the 1:1 support, the regular accountability and the personalised direction. If you're reading this, it's highly likely you're missing at least one (if not all three) of these things. It doesn't have to be this way.

An investment in The Mentorship is an investment in your future. It'll pay back many times over as long as you engage properly for a period of time. The Mentorship is specifically geared towards having you performing at an elite level professionally and optimising your personal health. You can expect the effects of our time working together to last for years afterwards.

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