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Meg Patel

"You'll get expert, personalised fitness coaching from me, during your sessions.  No random workouts - it's all personalised to you, based on real information.  It's highly detailed because everyone is truly different. 

But beyond this, expect so much more.

Daily nutrition coaching, extra workouts sent to your Fit Squad app, weekly lifestyle clinics to build a winning mindset, detailed health checks, macro & calorie guidance and full messaging addition to your up to 12 hours of top quality PT each month.  Phew


We'd work around your schedule, holidays and family commitments to establish something that works for you.

It's true value for money, if you're looking to make changes.

In return, I'd ask for your enthusiasm, commitment and willingness. 


If you're not confident about starting PT, please read my testimonials (link below) to see how people feel about the PT they get with me. 


It's a priority of mine to ensure people are comfortable, happy and enjoying the process.

Choose a goal from the options above, check out the details, pricing and FAQ's.  Then, if you're thinking about getting started, fill out the free enquiry form and let's chat!"


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