"Meg is the perfect balance of professionalism and fun, and has a genuine interest in my fitness and well-being.


I look and feel the best I have for a decade. Thank you very much for your support!"

- Andreea L

What Personal Training is, in under 60 seconds:

Personal Training is the 'gold standard' when it comes to you getting results.

With face-to-face coaching, your results are accelerated. 

From enhanced body composition, to greater knowledge, to a level of competency that will set you up for life, it delivers an unparalleled experience.

A fantastic motivator.

I strongly believe that greater confidence, competency and results lead to greater motivation. Ensuring your sessions are productive, fun and interesting keeps your motivation and positivity sky high.  Establish your new normal and make exercise totally engaging.  

A fully supported experience.

Personal Training doesn't begin and end with your hour session.  It goes way beyond that with full support in and out of the gym.  With holiday workouts, at home drills and advice, help and motivation throughout your programme, you'll feel completely supported on your journey.

A way to stay 100% consistent.

Adherence is a huge factor when it comes to your continued success. 

With booked sessions in both of our diaries, you'll be training at least 2 times per week, for at least 3 months, to a specific plan, under expert guidance.  Routine and consistency

will become second-nature.

A way to gain the most knowledge.

Raise your level with Fit Squad Personal Training.  Detailed planning at my end is designed to impart competency, knowledge and best practice at your end - for the long term.  The end result is that you'll be able to competently manage your own fitness routine for life. 

A way to increase competency.

With expert guidance, you'll work along a tried and tested pathway that ensures you are reaping full benefit from your training.  We do this in a progressive way that builds your body and strength - instead of tearing it down.  By learning how to move, you exercise with greater competency, and therefore gain the very best results from your programme, whilst staying injury-free.

An yourself.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, body composition, or athletic performance, Personal Training is definitely an investment.  An investment of time, money, effort and character that reaps the biggest of rewards and sets you up perfectly to achieve the results you imagine.  Invest now for a lifetime of success.

"I have had Personal Trainers in the past and found that either I wasn't getting enough in the way of feedback or they were just uninterested, but Meg is a step above. 


I am a big advocate of his approach to goals - challenging you without being condescending.  The information he gives you is really eye opening." 

- Nathan B


Personal Training is perfect for those...

Who often hit 'walls' when it comes to their exercise programme, and want to increase their knowledge and skillset with ongoing exercise under expert direction.

Who want to re-wire their habits (read: willpower and adherence) and establish a consistent, regular routine of exercise for their health.

Who want to work to a plan that is made for them, to a schedule that fits, in a location that suits their commitments.

Who are new to regular exercise, and need a guiding hand to ensure they are getting the most reward for their efforts.

Who want to get results they aren't getting from their current training.

Who find they don't push themselves enough alone (or don't know how to).

Who want health and fitness to become something they love.

Who have a specific event (such as a holiday, birthday or wedding) that they want to get in shape for.

Who want to reduce stress levels and thrive on the positivity and motivation of a coach who really knows them and their abilities.

Who want to increase the productivity, enjoyment and variety within their training.

Choose your focus.

One-to-one, or pairs coaching.