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We're better together.

Say hello to your community of growth-minded people. Are you in?



One-Of-A-Kind Community.

The Fit Life Club is, first & foremost, a community of support & friendship. It's free & open to all.

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Get instantly connected to supportive & helpful people just like you, there to cheer you on & share their stories.



By relating to others through shared interests - and we focus on fitness, mindset, lifestyle & nutrition - you'll make deeper, enduring connections.

We have an established Club Code promoting respect and encouragement. Member removal mechanisms are in place where needed, as well as an over-16 policy.

Learn. Improve. Grow. Often.

Your deep interests distilled into easy, bite-sized growth content? Welcome to The Fit Word.

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Professional content you can trust: The Fit Word - a micro blog & podcast.

The Fit Word is primarily evidence-based & practical, with comments enabled & conversation encouraged.


You'll find all you need - whether you're into fitness, mindset, lifestyle or nutrition (and much more besides).

With 70+ Topics, The Fit Word addresses deep interests - the things that matter to you - and delivers content for it. All in one easy place.


Keep up with The Fit Word content (and Club feed), with notifications - via email or push (recommended).

Choose to read The Fit Word content via our bite-sized Club Articles, or listen instead, through The Fit Word podcast on Spotify.

No More Noise.

Finally: a positive, bullsh*t-free feed, based around what you love & want to learn more about.

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The content you consume matters.


Curate your feed by choosing Topics based on growth and progression.


We have over 70 Topics to choose from, resulting in a feed rich in relevant, quality content.


No more annoying targeted ads cluttering up your feed.


Whilst we may let you know about relevant offers from time to time, your feed will only be filled with the type of content that will benefit you.


The Fit Life Club is a positive network for those who want personal growth & a supportive community around them, cheering them on.


It's the perfect environment to Become More.

We've Got You.

High value rewards, simply for being a Club Member. We appreciate you.




Get the lowest possible prices on our FIT40 & Virtual PT intakes. We'll advertise these on other channels, but never earlier or cheaper than they'll be on the Club.

Be the first to get a look at The Fit Life announcements, events, new launches & career opportunities.


Use our Deal Checker, located in the Featured section of the Club, to find specific offers based on where you work or study.

Free Stuff (You'll Actually Use).

Resources you'll come to use weekly: on the house. No faffy eBooks or PDFs in sight.

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Track it all: workouts, runs, measurements & so much more.


Enhance your training with 7500+ tutorials, exercise swaps & a simple, uncluttered UX.

We create each recipe ourselves, so you're guaranteed they've been revised and revised until they're perfect - sometimes over several months! No generic, internet-bought recipes here...

With standard Club membership, you get one high-quality recipe to enjoy each month: on the house.


Playlists to suit practically any occasion, curated by us. Whether you're training or chilling, we'll have an epic soundtrack for you.

With standard Club membership, you get three complimentary playlists to enjoy: on the house. Spotify required.

Get Out What You Put In.

Get rewarded for encouraging growth and development in others.




Become a hero amongst your friends & family by spreading the word about The Club, getting them all the benefits of membership in the process.

In return, you'll know they'll be part of a positive, inspiring and inclusive community - and be able to participate in Fit Challenges and more right alongside you.

We value every single person who joins The Club because of you.

To show this, we created the Fit Ambassador programme, where you can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Member status, based on how many people join using your unique invite link.

Fit Ambassador status leads to hugely valuable perks, including complimentary annual Club+ memberships!


We can't be there to see you blow out the candles, but we can swing you extra special birthday rewards on your day!

You'll need to ensure your notifications are enabled, so you don't miss out.






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The Fit Life Club app requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 13.0 or later, or smartphone running Android 5.0 or later. If you're accessing the Club via a laptop or desktop browser, you'll need Chrome 45 or later (note: Beta versions of Chrome aren't supported), Firefox 40 or later, Internet Explorer 10 or later, or Safari 8 or later. If accessing the Club via a mobile/cell browser, we recommend using Chrome, Safari or your native browser.

Give Back.

Fit Giving looks to positively impact our local communities. Every single Club Member has a voice.

As a Club Member, you'll have direct influence on our Fit Giving project - not only helping to select worthy local causes and ways The Fit Life can distribute its resources to enhance opportunity for others - but also explore ways to get directly involved within your local community - even with fellow Club Members!

We break Fit Giving into 'giving' from an educational, lifestyle, health, financial & societal point of view. It's more than monetary donations - it's giving time, giving expertise, giving sustenance, giving care, love & attention. It doesn't solely focus on people, but also encompasses our environment, animals and human rights. These are all part of the fabric of our lives - and linked to opportunity.

There are so many ways we can give. So many ways we can bring others up. The hope is that through our own positive actions, we can inspire thoughts and actions within others. Fit Giving is a means towards this  - and I couldn't be prouder to make The Fit Life Club the hub for all it's activities.

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Level up, right away.

Improving your fitness, mindset, lifestyle & nutrition is tough.

The Fit Life Club+ houses elite content, high-grade resources & experiences that will tangibly progress you in multiple areas.

For those who need to accelerate personal growth and to Become More.

Get 90 days free


£199.99/6 months


The Fit Life Club+ is free for 1 month to all new Club Members (you'll need to apply within 48 hours). No payment details required. After 90 days, you'll be invited to optionally subscribe and/or become a hero to a family member, friend or colleague & gift a subscription.

Join the Club and simply apply for for your free Club+ month in the Featured section.

Join any Fit Life Experience

Free for your Experience duration

The Fit Life Club+ is 100% free for the duration of your Experience.


This applies to all FitStorm, FIT40, MasterClass, Virtual PT & Personal Training VIP Members, as well as anyone on a Wait List for these Experiences.

No need to apply - you'll be sent an invite automatically.

Discover Experiences
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Challenge yourself. Every 2 weeks.

Fit Challenges are run every fortnight - based around one mindset, fitness, lifestyle or nutrition theme we decide in advance. We outline the Challenge, the expectations & calendar. We provide you with specific tools to help you smash your Challenge, as well as accountability loops and reminders to keep you right on track. The rest is up to you!

Only available for registration to Club+ Members, you'll complete them daily, right alongside other Members - keeping accountable to the group and motivated at every step. You'll be able to share tips, stories & your experiences with other participants in real time.


Fit Challenges are designed to push you and ask you to step out of your comfort zones: the rewards come through completing them. Your competition is with yourself - we don't have winners/losers - it's not about that. You'll gain much more through regular participation each month. That's over 20 Challenges each year for you to look forward to. We don't focus on aesthetics like many standard fitness challenges - we look at deeper progress metrics, ensuring you are pushing yourself (in the right direction) in all aspects of your wellbeing.

They're perfect for Members who need ideas, a target, a set timeframe and who want to intensify their progress towards deep goals that make a difference. They can act as the perfect launch pad towards bigger and better goals and achievements.